2.2 Working with SOURCE

Data management

SOURCE is an analysis tool, meaning that it should point to datasets to be used in the analyses without ever modifying your actual data files. Thus, no data is actually saved inside of the SOURCE project files. This also allows for better software performance.

Software layout: cards

The cards available within each module are listed at the top and can be shown/hidden from view by clicking on them. Hidden cards are shown in gray and visible cards are shown in blue.

Home screen

The Home Screen can be accessed by clicking the SOURCE icon  in the upper toolbar. The Home Screen page allows the user to perform simple actions such as creating, opening, or saving a new project, setting application and/or project preferences, or opening the VIBES License Manager.

Application and Project preferences

In the lower-left panel of the Home Screen it is possible to access the Preferences page. This allows to set default values for the application, or just for the current project. Any project-specific settings are loaded and saved together with the project. If a value for a project is not set, the application setting is used.

To remove a project setting, just empty the field. This would then return to Use application setting.

Example of the Preferences page

Accessing the VIBES License Manager

The VIBES license manager can be accessed by clicking on License Manager in the lower-left panel of the Home Screen.

Reviewing SOURCE version information

Also, in the lower-left panel of the Home Screen, clicking on About SOURCE will give information about:

  • VIBES company information
  • Version and build date of the software that is currently in use
  • Access to the license manager
  • Open source credits

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