1.2 Release notes

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.4

17 August 2023


  • Fixed an issue where the Licensing Manager could not properly connect to the server.

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.3

15 May 2023


  • MCKModel.calcAdmittance now returns correct values at 0 Hz.
  • Compatibility improvements towards new versions of DIRAC and SOURCE.
  • Compatibility updates towards ATFX files.

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.2

24 February 2023


  • Fix for sum level calculations.
  • Compatibility updates for newer MATLAB R2022 versions.

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.0

27 June 2022


  • Geometry meshes, such as coming from STL-files, can now be used for ODS animation. When the animation type is set to Flexible, the mesh will be morphed to follow the control nodes in the vibes.ui.Mesh. You will an example of this in the demo vibes3DPlotting.
  • A fix was made to the VIBES License Manager to run properly on first installation of the VIBES Toolbox.

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