1.2 Release notes

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.2

24 February 2023


  • Fix for sum level calculations.
  • Compatibility updates for newer MATLAB R2022 versions.

VIBES Toolbox version 3.7.0

27 June 2022


  • Geometry meshes, such as coming from STL-files, can now be used for ODS animation. When the animation type is set to Flexible, the mesh will be morphed to follow the control nodes in the vibes.ui.Mesh. You will an example of this in the demo vibes3DPlotting.
  • A fix was made to the VIBES License Manager to run properly on first installation of the VIBES Toolbox.

VIBES Toolbox version 3.6.5

30 January 2022


  • The forward and inverse Fourier transformations are changed to exclude the DC offset value from windowing. This way, DC offsets are not distorted in the spectrum. This leads to better preservation of DC behavior in signals when transformed back from the frequency to the time domain.
  • Fix to the writeVideo command to better support output of multiple modes in one file.
  • Upgrade to the VIBES License Manager to auto-configure on first start if a config file is provided.


VIBES Toolbox version 3.6.1

28 October 2021


  • Fix to the VIBES License Manager for working with a local network license manager.


VIBES Toolbox version 3.6.0

17 October 2021

Before installing version 3.6, make sure to push back any server or network licenses that you currently have borrowed.

Upgrades to the VIBES License Manager.

Several issues have been addressed to improve the useability and stability.

  • The connection to a Cloud Licensing Server (CLS) will now work properly on first start when working behind a proxy server.
  • An issue was resolved where borrowed licenses may disappear for a certain amount of days.
  • When using different CLS servers for different products, the License Manager now correctly shows the one you are currently connected to. It also prohibits returning licenses to the wrong CLS server.
  • More user feedback has been added to inform on any connection errors.
  • A yellow or red color now highlights soon-to-expire licenses.


  • Improved user interaction for time-domain plots. Time-domain plots now have the same user interaction features as the frequency-domain plots. This includes the familiar context menu, a channel selection control and full access to all plot settings through vibes.graph.* objects. When using p = TS.plot() on time series TS, an object p is created of type vibes.graph.SignalPlot. This gives interactive control over all plot aspects, such as StyleLabelTitle, etc. A class vibes.graph.SumLevelPlot has been added as well, which gets created upon calling sp = TS.plotSumLevel().


VIBES Toolbox version 3.5.0

17 July 2021

Before installing version 3.5, make sure to push back any server or network licenses that you currently have borrowed. This version includes an update on the VIBES License Manager; this now uses the lower-cased Window login name in the user identification key. This user identification key is now shown on the top-right of the license manager.


  • Native saving and loading. Previously it was already possible to save datasets and models in the ‘native’ MATLAB format, which does not hold dependencies on the VIBES Toolbox. This way, you can easily share data with parties that do not have the VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB installed. The syntax to do so is obj.save(filename,'native'), where obj is the object to save. Now you can also read back from this native format using obj = vibes.load(filename), which restores the data as a true VIBES object.
  • Restructure of the vibes.ui.Mesh class, where there is now a separate Animation class that comprises all the properties and methods related to the animation of the mesh. The default animation is a HarmonicAnimation, which is used to display mode shapes from spectral data. A second option is the TransientAnimation, to be used to animate time history.
  • New vibes.IRFMatrix class that provides functionality for impulse response function matrices. This class is still under development.
  • New SourceReader class, which gives quick access to datasets in MAT-files exported by SOURCE v1.3 and higher.

The VIBES License Manager was updated:

  • The license manager now has an option for authorized user login on a local network license server.
  • The user name is derived from the lower-case Windows user name. This affects the login name that will be used for identification on cloud and network license servers.


VIBES Toolbox version 3.4.5

4 March 2021


  • Working with geometries. The class vibes.ui.Geometry was introduced that wraps the geometry patch that is shown in the 3D viewer. It adds functionality for to change the appearance.
    • ColorAlphaVisible and Name: to control the appearance in the 3D viewer.
    • Nodes: to be used for rigid-body animation in a vibes.ui.Mesh class.
  • VIBES License Manager. Updated with option for authorized login.


  • Unexpected behavior when setting a complex value for damping in vibes.Link has been resolved.

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