2.3 COUPLE v1.4

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31 July 2023

New features:

Model Library

Users may now browse all active libraries and the models they contain through the Model Library, found in the main ribbon of COUPLE. The Model Library is also the place where the user may import models into libraries. The model library is divided into two sections, namely Import, and Organize. The user may also edit, delete or copy any library entry between libraries by dragging or through a context menu.

There is also a library known as My Project which contains all library entries found in the current project.

Project overview

The project overview shows a summary of all items found in the project. This means a logically organized view of all topologies and models, as well as their details, across all variants. This allows the user to view and manage the contents of their entire project. This view also shows the channel and interface mapping of the models within their topologies.

Channel management

The channels and interfaces setup of COUPLE has been significantly improved. COUPLE is now able to distinguish between Channel Groups and Interfaces. This means that COUPLE inspects the contents of a group of channels and is able to determine whether the conditions have been met to create an Interface. COUPLE will then rename these channel names in relation to the interfaces of the topology items they are mapped to, in order to simplify the results in Analyze.

For channels that are grouped in a Channel Group, (for example, Microphones) COUPLE will will show these on the topology items in the design area as an unconnectable square interface and will not rename the channels in Analyze.

COUPLE is now able to group channels by either Node, Position, Virtual Point, or Channel Name. This allows the user to choose the best starting point for their interface and channel setup.

Notification tray

COUPLE now has a notifications tray found in the bottom left of the design area. This notifications tray gives the user feedback on calculations. When a calculation is run, the user will receive warnings or errors here as well as the variant in which the issues occurred.

Other changes:

  • COUPLE is now able to handle failing variants and will show results for those variants that were successful.
  • The importer now only shows compatible file types to the user.
  • Updated some of the general user interface.
  • The user is now able to relocate missing datasets through the model library.
  • When importing models there is now a default location.
  • Ordercuts are now supported.
  • Interfaces are no longer auto mapped when adding a model to a blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blueprint and Connector tools in the design area were not mutually exclusive.

Known issue

It is currently not visible to the user in the Model Library when the packaged model and the library model are out of synch and editing these uncsyched models does not have an effect on the libraries. This unusual situation will be resolved in the next update.

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