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As an engineer, you should be able to perform complex sound & vibration measurements in a fast, traceable and intuitive way. In order to guide you trough the process towards mastering the modular method and working with our software autonomously, VIBES offers engineering services based on your level of experience & knowledge and your demands.

The engineering experience of our VIBES consulting team ranges from noise & vibration simulation to modeling complex components in both the experimental and the numerical domain. We can help you win all sorts of sound & vibration challenges in today’s innovative market.


The flow of implementing vibes' methodology & software

The process


In an entry phase, VIBES could give an introduction to familiarize you with our methodology & software. VIBES’ experts show the power of technology by means of a consulting project, or simply a webinar, workshop or training. Typically, we offer an advisory report in this phase, with insights in how our methodology and software could contribute to your way of working.


In further phases, we encourage to learn how to incorporate our technology in your own work flow. We will together work on your project, including performing measurements and processing/analyzing data. In this process, you get specific recommendations on your project and you can fully experience the use of DIRAC, SOURCE, COUPLE and/or our Toolbox for MATLAB.


For those who are already convinced about the need to implement the methodology, we offer the best products on the market to do so. In order to work in-house with our intuitive software applications, we provide software licences for DIRAC, SOURCE, COUPLE and the VIBES’ Toolbox. Of course, VIBES offers support where necessary.

VIBES’ engineering services offer the smartest and most innovative customized solution for every modular modeling issue. You can enter the flow of phases at any desired stage. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and/or to receive example packages of our engineering services.

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VIBES Academy

The VIBES Academy contains info about our methodology and product manuals of DIRAC, SOURCE and the VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB.

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