4.7 Photo viewer

An additional feature exists to assist with documentation of the test setup: the photo viewer. The photo viewer is accessed by clicking on the Images icon in the taskbar at the top. An overview of the photo viewer functionality is shown in the figure below and described briefly next.

The purpose of the photo viewer is to upload photos of the test setup and link them with the corresponding views of the virtual test setup in the 3D viewer. This allows you to easily browse the photos and spot any differences between the virtual and physical test setups.

Overview of the photo viewer in Prepare

Loading photos

Photos can be added to the project by clicking the + button toward the bottom of the screen to open the file browser. All typical image file types are supported (PNG and JPG). Multiple photos can be selected and loaded simultaneously.

Linking photos with the 3D viewer

When a photo is selected in the lower panel, it will appear in the upper left panel of the Images widget. With the desired photo selected, you should manually orient the 3D model to be in the same camera view as the actual photo. Then, click Save View in the View section; see the figure above. The link between the picture and the 3D viewer can also be removed using the Delete button.

Once a photo is linked to an orientation in the 3D viewer, use the Restore View in 3D button to automatically reorient the 3D model to the saved view. It is possible to link all photos to their corresponding 3D model orientations, and then use this button with any image selected to reorient the 3D viewer to the saved view.

Editing photo properties

The photo’s name within the project can be edited in the Image Title box of the General Information section. Within this section, the picture can also be exported or deleted using the corresponding buttons.

Within the View section, the photo can be rotated 90° to the left or right using the corresponding icons.

Tagging photos

Tags are useful for grouping all photos with certain properties e.g. all photos of a certain interface or subcomponent. Tags are added by entering text in the Tags box.

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