2.4 COUPLE v1.3

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17 March 2023

New features:

Stiffness model builder

It is now possible to add basic stiffness models to an empty link. The user adds stiffness and damping values per DoF pair and has the ability to introduce cross stiffness as well. Synthetic stiffness is added either by right-clicking on a link and selecting Add stiffness or by clicking a link, or multiple links, and selecting the stiffness model builder from the toolbar on the left-hand side of the design area.
Users have control over the default units used in the stiffness model builder through the Preferences.

Adding interfaces to topologies

It is now possible to add interfaces to topologies. This can be done in 3 ways:

  • Right-clicking on a topology item and selecting Add interface.
  • In the interface mapping window, by clicking Add interface.
  • In the interface mapping window, by dragging an unmatched model interface onto a topology with no unmatched interfaces.

Updated the user interface of COUPLE

A complete visual overhaul of COUPLE. This updated look and feel of COUPLE gives the user access to relevant information at the right time.

Other changes:

  • Analyze now groups Sources and Results by variant, more clearly showing what has been calculated for each variant.
  • Added topology names to topology items on the design area.
  • Added the ability to flag blueprint topology items as Experimental or Simulation data.
  • Updated the DoF matching when inspecting a link in the property inspector.
  • Fixed an issue where COUPLE would lose access to a dataset on a network drive.
  • Library configurations are now saved immediately after changes.
  • Multiple stability fixes and improvements.

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