4.3 Grouping Data & Test Assemblies

Grouping Datasets

To better structure your datasets, you can organize them in groups.

To group datasets you have to:

  1. Select the desired datasets
  2. Right-click on them
  3. Select Group

You can also group the datasets using the shortcut CTRL+G.

Test Assemblies

Test assemblies are a key feature when calculating Blocked Forces with one setup and using them for TPA synthesis in other target assemblies. They are used to define which data of the analysis should be used for characterization and which for the TPA syntheses.

To assign a test assembly to your data you have to:

  1. Go to the Operational Data / FRF Data module.
  2. Select all relevant datasets with the same test assembly.
  3. In the Detail card, enter the Name of the test assembly (e.g. TA-01).

Characterization FRF

Test assemblies are used to link the operational datasets to the corresponding FRF datasets for an in-situ Blocked Force calculation. When you specify test assemblies for your datasets, only pairs of operational and FRF datasets with matching test assemblies will be used for the calculation of the in-situ Blocked Forces. The Characterization FRF is used to calculate the Blocked Forces in an in-situ analysis.

To define the Characterization FRF to your operational dataset, you have to:

  1. Assign a test assembly to the operational dataset(s)
  2. Assign the same test assembly to the FRF dataset used for the Characterisation

You can see which Characterization FRF is used when you activate the corresponding column in the Results card.

Synthesis FRF

Synthesis FRFs are used to predict the response at the target points for the specified Blocked Force input. In every analysis, SOURCE will use every FRF dataset as a Synthesis FRF – independent of the defined test assemblies.

Note that a Synthesis FRF has to have:

  1. Channels mapped to the master channels of the Blocked Forces,
  2. Channels mapped to the master channels of the target responses.

You can see which Synthesis FRF is used when you activate the corresponding column in the Results card.

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