VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB


Unique capabilities packed in a powerful Toolbox

The VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB offers unique capabilities for Dynamic Substructuring, Transfer Path Analysis and numerical modeling. The latest scientific advancements in structural dynamics have been implemented in an easy-to-use VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB. Test-based models obtained in DIRAC seamlessly integrate into the Toolbox for further processing.
The VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB saves you time by automating repetitive processes in simple scripts and generate plots conveniently. The software creates FEM-compatible ‘super-elements’ from FRF measurements using the Virtual Point Transformation. It combines experimental component models, numerical models and operational data, accomplishing a truly hybrid approach to sound & vibration simulation.

What to expect from the VIBES Toolbox?

Save time by automating repetitive processes in simple scripts and generate plots conveniently

  • Test-based component modeling using the Virtual Point Transformation
  • Import/export of standard measurement and CAD formats
  • Advanced 2D plotting and powerful 3D environment
  • Intuitive arithmetic and automated bookkeeping: The object-oriented workflow unlocks a wide range of Dynamic Substructuring and TPA methods, all accessible and adaptable from the command-line. Save time by automating repetitive processes in simple scripts and generate plots conveniently using intuitive commands for data selection. A unique and highly adaptable DoF-matching logic enables to combine datasets in a coherent manner, automizing the part of channel book-keeping for you.
  • Numerical and Experimental Substructuring: The VIBES Toolbox is truly unique in its capabilities for Dynamic Substructuring. Popular numerical model reduction techniques such as Hurty/Craig-Bampton and Hintz-Herting are now available to perform true Component Mode Synthesis. RBE2 and RBE3 rigid elements are available as well, which provide the perfect “hand-shake” for coupling with experimental Virtual Point models, created using DIRAC or using the built-in possibilities of the Toolbox.

The VIBES Toobox comes as a comprensive base module, plus two optional modules for numerical modeling & reduction and ASAM-ODS data interaction.

Advanced 2D plotting

Reduce time using built-in plot functions for time and spectral data, nth-octaves, dB(A), sum levels, waterfall/Campbell diagrams and more. Quickly change plots by editing them directly through context menus within the plotting window. The toolbox includes all plotting functionality needed for advanced TPA analysis!

Powerful 3D environment for design of experiment and mode shape animation

The Toolbox comprises a powerful 3D environment, allowing to visualize mode shapes, work with CAD geometry and import complete measurement setups created in DIRAC. Navigate using intuitive camera controls and export mode shapes to popular video formats.

Extensive analysis toolkit for Dynamic Substructuring, Blocked Force analyses, Transfer Path Analysis and experimental modeling

The Toolbox includes data management, powerful graphics features and the 3D environment.


  • Signal processing: time- and frequency-domain operations, easy plotting, playback and filtering
  • Object-based arithmetics: matrix operations, matrix inversions, regularization techniques
  • Transfer Path Analysis: the TPA framework,g. blocked force calculation and OTPA
  • Dynamic Substructuring: primal and dual coupling and decoupling, flexible coupling
  • Virtual Point Transformation: VP and other transformations including consistency calculations
  • Advanced 2D plotting: comprehensive time and spectral plots, e.g. sum levels and octave plots
  • Interactive 3D environment: CAD geometry, virtual experiment and mode shape animations

Numerical modelling using FE and modally reduced models

Import from FEM packages, import from and export to UFF as well as conversion to state-space models.


  • Modal analysis: Eigen-solver, mode shape analysis and animations, FRF and IRF synthesis
  • Modal reduction: normal modes, Guyan-Irons, Hurty/Craig-Bampton, Hintz-Herting
  • FE node generation: creation of RBE2 and RBE3 elements
    Newmark time integration: time stepping for transient analysis
  • FEM import/export: interact with FEM packages (ANSYS, NASTRAN) and Universal File Format (UFF)
  • State space: conversion to ss objects (uses the MATLAB Control System Toolbox)

Read and write ASAM-ODS *.atfx files

Read functionality supports both creation of MATLAB structures as well as native import into the VIBES Toolbox.


  • Read from ATFX: import of NVH data from ATFX-files, e.g. time series, FRFs, CAN-bus data.
  • Write to ATFX: export of VIBES datasets to ATFX-files (coming soon)

Our Clients

I am amazed how the VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB efficiently handles all data for me, allowing me to focus on my analysis.


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