Rigidly coupling interfaces

To rigidly connect components, you need to add links between their respective interfaces.

To create a rigid link between two interfaces, complete the next steps:

  1. Click the link tool .
  2. Click and hold on the first interface.
  3. Release on the second interface.

Compliant coupling

You can create a compliant link by adding stiffness to a rigid link.

Adding a stiffness model to the links

If you want to have a compliant coupling between two interfaces, you have to add a stiffness model to an existing link.

To create a compliant link between two interfaces, complete the next steps:

  1. Create a link between two interfaces.
  2. Drag and drop a stiffness model on the link.

Adding synthetic stiffness to links

You can also add (off-diagonal) synthetic stiffness to a link, by building a stiffness model directly in COUPLE. The stiffness model builder allows you to add stiffness and damping between any pair of interface DoFs (including cross stiffness).

To add synthetic stiffness, complete the next steps:

  1. Select the link(s) in the design area.
  2. Click .
  3. Select the correct interfaces DoFs.
  4. Type values for Stiffness and Damping.
  5. Click OK.

You can change the stiffness units in the Preferences.

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