Plotting tips and tricks

In this short video I’m going to show you how to navigate the plots in DIRAC.

How to: Zoom into the plots

If you left click on a plot and drag the mouse, you can create a box to zoom in on. You can always double-click to re-set the maximum plot settings. Similarly, you can use the scrollbar of your mouse to zoom in and out of the cursor location.

To manually zoom in on the X- and Y-axes, move the mouse toward the minima or maxima of the axis. The arrows should appear, which can be dragged to zoom in and out. You can also double-click here to re-set the axis to its maximum.

How to: Change and pin axes and show legends

You can right-click within the plot or on the axes to change the axes from linear to logarithmic. Using this button, the Y-axis scale will remain constant as you scroll through different channels. Similarly, you can automatically pin or un-pin all the axis settings on the screen, and you can show or hide the legends.

How to: Change plot views

We can right-click on these buttons to save the current view, and then access them again by left-clicking, so we can easily switch between different frequency ranges.

And did you know you can put your cursor over the curve to display its values?

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