3.2 General tips & tricks

Software layout: cards

The cards available within each module are listed at the top and can be shown/hidden from view by clicking on them. Hidden cards are shown in gray and visible cards are shown in blue.

The Prepare module has two modes: 3D Mode and List Mode. In 3D Mode, cards are replaced by pop-in/pop-out widgets, of which only one can be viewed at a time. In List Mode and in the other modules, clicking and dragging on the top of the card allows you to re-position it within the window or pop out of the window. The custom layout of the cards is stored and will be available the next time DIRAC is used.

Within the 3D viewer

In the 3D viewer (within all modules), clicking anywhere on the geometry lists the coordinates of that location as well as the component name. By pressing the copy button next to the coordinates, they are copied to the clipboard. To see the coordinates of the center of the component, expand the viewer using the top-right button.

Project management

Often overlooked but nonetheless crucial in larger projects: describing your measurement campaigns completely and consistently using the correct “meta” data. DIRAC provides a measurement information structure that suits the needs of most FRF tests on realistic industrial components. Navigate to 4.2 Prepare widgets to learn how and use this from the very start of your work in DIRAC.


In DIRAC, you can customize your application and project preferences. The project preferences are only set for the current project.

To access and edit the preferences, complete the next steps:

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  2. Edit the desired application settings in the Application settings column.
  3. Edit the desired project settings in the Project settings column.

Application and project settings in DIRAC.

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