1.1 About COUPLE

The VIBES Academy is a guide for all users of COUPLE. You are advised to browse through it while making your first steps in COUPLE to get a good grasp of the features the software has to offer you. After that, it may serve as a reference for more specific topics when you come across them.

COUPLE allows you to assemble, predict and optimize your NVH design in a complete modular workflow. Especially when your models come from DIRAC and SOURCE, COUPLE offers you a modular NVH approach where you can easily combine test-based models with models from simulations, compare substructured data with predictions and study different vehicle variants.

We learned from DIRAC and SOURCE the value of alleviating engineers from administrative duties inherent to test-based modeling. To that end, COUPLE will collect all your test-based models so that you are able to use them as intended: multiple times and in multiple variations. In COUPLE, you can create a library of test-based component models in an organized manner. With such an amount of data at your disposal, you may then choose to combine these test-based component models with numerical simulations to construct your system in a modular fashion using substructuring techniques. You are able to analyze and choose between different variants quickly and intuitively, facilitating your role as a true dynamic architect.

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