Accurate and intuitive measurements and analysis

Improving sound & vibration engineering

VIBES brings promising, innovative methods for sound & vibration testing to the automotive and (high) tech industries. Our solutions help you reduce overall development costs and time-to-market.

We are leading experts in:

  • test-based modeling – obtaining FRF models from test, compatible with FE models
  • source characterization – blocked force descriptions for active components
  • dynamic substructuring – combining multiple component FRF models to build up a system

The VIBES Methodology combines these technologies and with it, VIBES’ engineers are improving the reliability, time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sound & vibration R&D.

The VIBES methodology results in highly accurate characterizations, prevents (human) error and allows for a modular way-of-working towards full vehicle predictions. The advanced checks and calculations that are the basis of our Methodology are now accessible in real-time, while performing the measurement, with our DIRAC software.

Our innovative solutions for test-based sound & vibration measuring


An intuitive software application to guide engineers through the process of preparing, measuring and analyzing a test-based FRF model, in order to make component models of the highest quality.


Our consulting experts provide customized solutions for every modular modeling challenge. The VIBES’ methodology offers smart and innovative ways to help optimize complex engineering processes.

VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB

Our all-round expert tool to prepare and post-process measurement data in Dynamic Substructuring, test-based modeling and source characterization problems.

What we do best

About us

We are engineers at heart, with a mission to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques for the engineering community. VIBES’ products & services offer:

  • A new innovative modular way of working
  • A reduction of time-to-model from weeks to a single day
  • A full-vehicle sound & vibration prediction before producing a full vehicle
  • Complete control of the process, with advanced quality checks
  • Traceable and more accurate measurements up to a factor 6
  • An intuitive workflow with a 3D interface, compatible with all major software
  • Open data formats, allowing you to pick the best modelling method case-by-case
Our Methodology
Our Methodology
The VIBES Methodology allows engineers to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs.
Our Products
Our Products
Our software products speed-up your work and give reliable and traceable test results.
VIBES consulting offers the smartest and most innovative customized solution for every modular modelling issue.
Our Story
Our Story
VIBES' mission is to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques to the engineering community.
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