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Dynamic analysis by fusing test & simulation

We make software to reduce sound and vibrations, mostly in electrical vehicles. With the VIBES Methodology, we predict these noises even before the car has been built, so prototypes don’t have to be build over and over again. We make models based on tests, which can be combined with simulations. This ensures a modular NVH process. With our software you get high-quality results in a more efficient way and the functionalities allow you to work flexible and intuitive. We create the right software to solve real engineering challenges!

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Our unique approach

We combine test-based data with simulated data through our unique Virtual Point Transformation. This allows for a hybrid modeling approach where our clients can cherry-pick the best modeling approach on a case-by-case basis.

We use measurements to characterize dynamic properties of components, subsystems or full vehicles. Proper dynamic characterizations are the basis of sound & vibration engineering. A modular way of working – our unique VIBES Methodology.

  • Test-based models are coupled to simulated models through virtual points
  • The models are a property of the test object only, independent of the testbench or environment
  • Models are valid in large frequency range – up to 3000Hz
  • Only a single measurement is needed per component vs. a measurement for each component-vehicle configuration

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About us

We are engineers at heart, with a mission to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques for the engineering community. VIBES’ products & services offer:

  • A new innovative modular way of working
  • A reduction of time-to-model from weeks to a single day
  • A full-vehicle sound & vibration prediction before producing a full vehicle
  • Complete control of the process, with advanced quality checks
  • Traceable and more accurate measurements
  • Open data formats, allowing you to pick the best modeling method case-by-case

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