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VIBES brings innovative methods for sound & vibration research & development to the automotive and high tech industries, resulting in reliable, time-efficient and cost-effective measurements. Our proven VIBES Methodology leads to accurate source characterizations, prevents (human) error and allows for a modular way-of-working towards full vehicle predictions. These advanced checks and calculations are now accessible in real-time, while performing the measurement, with our software applications DIRAC and SOURCE.

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Our unique approach

We combine test-based data with simulated data through our unique Virtual Point Transformation. This allows for a hybrid modeling approach where our clients can cherry-pick the best modeling approach on a case-by-case basis.

We use measurements to characterize dynamic properties of components, subsystems or full vehicles. Proper dynamic characterizations are the basis of sound & vibration engineering. A modular way of working – our unique VIBES Methodology.

  • Test-based models are coupled to simulated models through virtual points
  • The models are a property of the test object only, independent of the testbench or environment
  • Models are valid in large frequency range – up to 3000Hz
  • Only a single measurement is needed per component vs. a measurement for each component-vehicle configuration

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About us

We are engineers at heart, with a mission to enable Experimental Dynamic Substructuring and modern TPA techniques for the engineering community. VIBES’ products & services offer:

  • A new innovative modular way of working
  • A reduction of time-to-model from weeks to a single day
  • A full-vehicle sound & vibration prediction before producing a full vehicle
  • Complete control of the process, with advanced quality checks
  • Traceable and more accurate measurements
  • Open data formats, allowing you to pick the best modeling method case-by-case

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