Creating a segment

If you are interested in only one or multiple parts of an operational dataset, you can cut segments of it. This is only possible for Time Series.

To create segments, complete the following steps:

  1. Plot the dataset in time domain.
  2. Click on the scissor icon at the top of the plot.
  3. Click on the plot. The segment will appear.

Segments will appear in the Operational Data card, underneath the dataset they are generated from.

To create a segment, you can also right-click on the operational dataset and select Create Segment, or use the shortcut CTRL + R.

Editing the segment

After creating a segment, you can edit its name, start time, end time, and length.

To edit a segment, complete the next step:

  1. Select the segment in the Operational Data card.
  2. Open the Details card.
  3. Type segment name, start time, end time, and length and press Enter.

You can manually edit the segment start time, end time and length by selecting the segment in the Graphs card and dragging the start and end cursors of the segment to the desired positions.

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