7.5 Operational Deflection Shapes

Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS) are now viewable within the 3D viewer card with any mode of the measurement matrix in use. Use the slider in the bottom right corner of the 3D viewer to start and stop the animation of the ODS.

An example is shown in the following gif.

Gif showing an ODS.

Whichever mode is selected in the measurement matrix will determine which channels are animated in the ODS. This way, you can, for instance:

  • Press All to animate everything, including VPs, at the cost of a bit more calculation time;
  • Press VP to only animate the VPs;
  • Apply a quick filter to some channel groups to only animate those;
  • Define a matrix preset that excludes certain broken sensors to exclude them from animation.

The ODS frequency can be changed by dragging the orange bar in the Graphing card. The mode scale factor can be adjusted using the slider or by pressing the – or + keys on the keyboard. During the animation, you can still navigate through the 3D viewer using the regular mouse controls.

The ODS can be saved to an animated GIF file by pressing Save to gif when the ODS is active.

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