2.1 SOURCE v1.9

SOURCE v1.9.3

22 May 2024

Multiple Time Series

Users can now select multiple time series and group them into one dataset that can be used throughout the workflow. This can be done using the hot key Ctrl+G or the Group command from the context menu.


Other features and fixes

  • ATFX reader edits to support PAK Capture Suite ATFX files.
  • Unit conversion mechanism does not convert Tracking channels.
  • Fixed a bug in Analyze related to partial grouping.
  • Several small fixes related to handling PCH datasets.

SOURCE v1.9.2

8 March 2024

PCH file reader

Users can import either FRF matrix or Frequency blocks datasets from a .pch file. PCH file contains the direction and quantity information of the channels. For channel positions and for reference channels information (positions, directions and quantities), user can include a .bdf file (bulk data file) which contains the missing information in the pch reader window. The PCH reader assumes quantities as SI system, and allows the user to change those quantities if required before importing.

Graph Excel export

A new feature was introduced that allows the user to export an entire page with graphs or a single graph to an excel file. The idea is here that you export the values as they appear in the axes, including all processing and scaling that has been applied. Export will apply to the currently visible page. Every axes creates its own sheet. Multiple curves are shown within one sheet and can be identified by the added metadata.

Updated 3D Viewer

The 3D viewer in SOURCE has been replaced to allow better flexability, performance, and futureproofing of the application.

Other features and fixes

  • Including the PCA bock name in the UFF export header.
  • ATFX export mechanism to identify principle components in blocks.
  • Several small fixes related to graphing.
  • ODS with SVD on operational data for trend analysis.

SOURCE v1.9.1

22 January 2024

Default unit system

A new feature was introduced in SOURCE Preferences. Users can now choose a default unit system to be used across the application and/or project. When a user imports a dataset for example with imperial units, SOURCE will then convert this dataset units when plotting/exporting/calculating to the default unit system set by the user in the Preferences. This also ensures that calculations are always using consistent units.

Default unit systems provided by SOURCE:

  • SI (m, rad, m/s2, N, Nm)
  • Metric (mm, deg, mm/s^2, N, Nmm)
  • Imperial (in, deg, g, lbf, lbf*ft)

Chapter Manager

When in Analyze, pages can now be grouped into chapters. The user has the option to create chapters and add pages to each chapter. Pages and chapters can be managed (reordered, renamed, duplicated, deleted) using the Chapter Manager.

Fluent TPA

In Fluent TPA, operations are added to perform basic arithmetics: plus, minus, times, divide by. This can be applied as a scalar function or as an elementwise function using another dataset. Also, a Transmissibility operation was added. This can be used to calculate a transmissibility matrix between two operational datasets, or two FRF datasets.

Other features and fixes

  • When animating operational deflection shapes (ODS) of mixed quantities, such as accelerations and velocities, all quantities are converted to acceleration first, such that the animation shows correctly.
  • In graphs, an improvement was made for the logarithmic scale of the X-axis, such that data points are correctly displayed.
  • X-DoF is now applied correctly on order data.
  • Frequency weighting (A/B/C) is now applied correctly on order data in spectrum and waterfall plots.
  • Fix for correctly showing multiple order cut plots in one graph when frequency weighting is applied.


9 October 2023


This version of SOURCE premiers X-DoF, a new patent-pending method for identifying blocked forces in a robust and objective way. X-DoF can be selected in the Matrix Inversion section in the settings of your analysis. When selected, the classic matrix inverse truncation options disappear, as these are not applicable.

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