2.2 COUPLE v2.0

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COUPLE v2.0.3

21 November 2023

New features:

Chapters and chapter management

When in Analyze, pages can now be grouped into chapters. The user has the option to create chapters and add pages to each chapter. Pages and chapters can be managed (reordered, renamed, duplicated, deleted) using the chapter manager.


17 October 2023

New features:

Analyze: Pull-based mechanism

Analyze has been redesigned to incorporate a pull-based computational system which removes the need for a Run Calculation button. When the user clicks on Open Analysis, COUPLE now shows all possible results without any computation. It is only when the user plots specific results that they are actually calculated. This can be seen by the status lights (blue, yellow, green, red) in the result.

  • Blue: The result has not yet been computed.
  • Green: The results are up to date.
  • Yellow: The previously computed results are outdated and need to be refreshed.
  • Red: There was an error in computing the result


Analyze: Graph saving and refreshing

Graph pages are now saved in the COUPLE project and will be available upon reloading the project. Graphs can now also be refreshed by either clicking on the refresh icon on the graph itself or by clicking Refresh All in the graphing toolbar.


Analyze: Filtering

Users now see filters on the left-hand side for Variants, Result Type, and Load. Users can also pin results for later use.


Analyze: Axis synching

Analyze now has an Axis Synching option, just as in SOURCE. Graphs can be synchronized, such that any changes made to e.g. an X-axis are propagated to other graphs. Synchronization is currently possible for the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis (color-axis) and/or plot options. Rules can be defined to act on selections of graph panels, so you can make groups of synced panels and properties.

Rules can be created automatically by clicking in the toolbar on the link icon and choosing Add
Synchronization Rules Automatically. If you like to review or change those rules, you can click Manage Synchronization Rules… which brings you into a manager window.


Analyze: Notification tray

The Notifications Tray has been moved from the Design Area to Analyze. Notifications now stack and can be cleared.


Importing of Punch files (PCH/BDF/ECD) to FRF

It is now possible to import Punch files (*.pch), along with their accompanying ECD and/or BDF. This can be done just as in a standard import, by finding the Punch file and dragging it across into the importer, after which the user will be prompted to import an ECD or BDF.

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