3.3 Keyboard commands

DIRAC application-wide

Keyboard commands are used extensively in DIRAC as an alternative way to control certain features. Once familiar with them, it will speed up working with DIRAC considerably.

Every module has slightly different key commands. Some key commands are specific to the selected card, such as the 3D viewer, and only apply if this card has focus. The key commands are listed in the following tables.

The following key commands are available application-wide in DIRAC:

F1show this manual
F2open the DAQ measurement wizard
F10pause or resume recording
CTRL+Ssave current project
CTRL+SHIFT+Ssave current project as new DIRAC-file

3D viewer

The following key commands are available in the 3D viewer of all modules:

1-4rotate the camera around the geometry to default views: front/right/top/3D and their respective opposites. Shift-1/2/3/4 rotates to the opposites of 1/2/3/4
0camera home: reset camera to the initial zoom and position
~zoom out to show the whole scene from the current angle
Ctoggle between perspective and orthogonal view
Gtoggle grid on/off
Ltoggle labels on/off. For sensors, excitations and VPs - options accessible with right-click
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo

Prepare module

The following key commands are available in the Prepare module:

Dadd sensor from database
Fflip the normal of the impact direction (press while defining an impact)
Hhide sensor / excitation / geometry
Iadd new impact
Mmove on sensor / excitation on the geometry
Sadd new sensor (same as last one defined)
Tmake geometry transparent
Vadd virtual point. If sensors/impacts are selected: places VP at the geometric center of the selection. If nothing is selected: places VP at the origin
Ymove a sensor / excitation / geometry
Deletedelete sensor / excitation / geometry
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo

Measure module

The following key commands are available in the Measure module:

excitation highlightedup / downcycle through excitations
measurement highlightedup / downcycle through measurements
spacetoggle measurement on/off
left / rightcycle through response channels
Sstar impact
entermove to next excitation

The following key commands are available in the graphing card in the Measure and Analyze modules:

1, 2, 3use the corresponding user-defined plot settings (if defined)
~Reset Y-axes to fit all graphs
CToggle cross-fading if applicable

EMA module

The following key commands are available in the EMA module:

CTRL + F5Reruns the entire calculation based on the chose settings
F5Reruns the calculation from the last valid result
PG Up / PG DownCycle through identified modes
ALT + SpacebarStarts the animation of the selected mode

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