2.1 DIRAC v4.2

DIRAC v4.2.5

22 May 2024


  • It is now possible to configure invalid number handling for ATFX-export in the Preferences.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug about selected measurement, when toggling it by using keyboard in Analyze.
  • Improved display of ramp of windowing graph in DAQ wizard.
  • Fixed an issue about ODS not updating after changing window settings.
  • Fixed an issue about loading colors of geometries.
  • Fixed an issue about geometries not saved, when 3D-viewer is hidden.
  • Fixed a crash about moving a corrupt geometry.
  • Fixed a freeze about loading a project when 3D-viewer is hidden.
  • Fixed a freeze related to selecting matrix presets while calculation is still running.


Other changes

  • Improved loading of geometries to avoid hanging of the application.
  • Added optional column of window types to shaker profiles table and added info message for block length.
  • Set default borrowing period of licenses to one day, if it is configured as return on exit.

DIRAC v4.2.4

22 April 2024


  • It is now possible to specify a block pause for a chirp shaker signal.
  • Added a context menu entry for creating a Virtual Point from selected sensors.
  • Added the possibility to sort images in Image Viewer.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash happening during sensor mounting.
  • Fixed MATLAB export of shaker measurements.
  • Fixed a crash of the 3D Viewer related to Layers of specific geometries.
  • Fixed shaker recording on configured block overlap.
  • Fixed excitations stay hidden after ODS was active and Module was changed.
  • Fixed a rare issue related to the creation of Virtual Points at the cursor position.


Other changes

  • Notifications are shown on the DAQ wizard, if open.

DIRAC v4.2

7 March 2024

Shaker analysis
DIRAC now allows you to perform a shaker measurement if the required license dir-shaker is loaded and a shaker has been added to the project from the hardware database. DIRAC can control shakers which are connected to any soundcard of the computer. In the DAQ wizard, it is possible to configure different profiles which describe a customized shaker signal.

Possible shaker signals DIRAC can generate are:

  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Octave noise
  • Burst white/pink/octave noise
  • Chirp

For more information please check this article.


Updated 3D Viewer
The 3D viewer in DIRAC has been replaced to allow better flexibility, performance, and futureproofing of the application.

In this version, the user has the ability to create lines and faces between sensors and VPs in Prepare. To create a Line, two sensors or VPs should be selected and the Line option selected from the context menu (Shortcut ‘L’). The same can be done for Faces by selecting 3 sensors or VPs.

In the Item Overview, and the Item Details cards of Prepare, the user can change the properties of Lines and faces (Line weight and color). More detailed options can be seen in Prepare List Mode.


Updated DIRAC graphing
The 2D-graphing has been replaced to give the user a more unified experienced across vibes products (SOURCE, COUPLE). This gives some improvements to deal with the legend and channel selection and will allow DIRAC to update on graphing improvements along with other products.


Other changes

  • It is now possible to specify an optional port number when connecting to PAK live.hub
  • It is now possible to see the channel name during channel mapping in DAQ wizard


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where matrix filter settings were reset when moving out of the Analyze tab
  • Fixed a bug where Dirac was unresponsive when geometry was uploaded
  • Fixed a bug where data at the last frequency point of a measurement was undefined after averaging measurements
  • Fixed a bug where Conditioning number not updated for excluded excitations/sensor channels in the VP transformation card
  • Fixed a bug where the Calculate button in EMA was deactivated on import campaign
  • Fixed a bug where the magnitude in the matrix viewer was incorrect when hovering on cell
  • Fixed a bug where copying presets did not work
  • Fixed a bug where the Validate card disappears from Analyze during an import campaign
  • Fixed a bug where the Analyze Frequency Range was broken when the graphing Frequency Link is active
  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases the VPs in the Modal 3D-Animation did not move
  • Fixed a bug where Time & Spectrum Y-Axis labels disappeared refreshing graphs
  • Fixed a crash caused when Dirac was plugged into an external monitor
  • Fixed a bug related to the order of excitation source channels in channels list
  • Fixed an issue of importing excitation channels names from matlab files created by HEAD acoustic impact tool
  • Fixed an issue about displaying a big number of presets on export
  • Fixed a bug where channel mapping has not been removed after deleting a sensor

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