1.2 Nomenclature

On this page, you can find all the terms we use in COUPLE.

  1. Model library: in this feature, you can browse all active libraries and models. You use the Model Library to import, edit and organize all your models.
  2. Library: allows you to collect and organize all your datasets: component models, stiffness models and loads which can be used in a project. Libraries can be shared among teams and departments. The library allows you to create a library file (*.lib) in the location of your choice and reference different datasets.
  3. Design Area: the heart of the application. On the canvas, you can build assemblies out of components, loads, and links.
  4. Inspector: a card that shows the details of any item selected in the Design Area.
  5. Analysis: window showing the results of the computations.
  6. Assembly: configuration of connected components, loads and links in the design area. Each tab on top of the design area corresponds to a different assembly.
  7. Assembly part: general term for a component/load/link in the Design Area. An assembly part cab be filled with one or multiple models, or empty.
  8. Model: any entity in the library imported through the Model Library. A model can be an FRF, load or stiffness model.
  9. Component: blue assembly part, that can be filled with FRF models (test-based or numerical).
  10. Load: green assembly part, that can be filled with operational data models (time blocks, frequency blocks or time series) that can be used as an excitation.
  11. Link: a connection between two interfaces of two components. You can assign stiffness models to a link, to simulate compliant coupling.
  12. Model interface: collection of channels of a model that allows the model to be linked to another one.
  13. Channel group: group of channels that are not used as interface (e.g., target channels).
  14. Variation study:feature that allows you to study the effect of varying the models used within a single assembly.
  15. Variant: defines a single variant within a variation study, by defining a specific choice of model for one or more assembly parts.

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