6.1 Visualizing data and results

After creating all the variants, you can proceed with coupling or decoupling the components. You will be able to visualize and plot both inputs and results in the Analysis area. We have decided to keep this area separate from the rest to allow you to visualize the design area and the results simultaneously. After creating all the variants in the design area, you can access the Analysis module and visualize the results.

The analysis module has 2 cards: the Data Overview and the Graphs cards. In the Data Overview card you will find a list of all the results and inputs which you can filter and then plot in the Graphs card. The Analysis  module is designed with a pull-based mechanism, which removes the action to calculate results. In the Data Overview, you can see all possible results and inputs. Their status is visualized by status light, which can be:

  • Blue: The result has not yet been computed.
  • Green: The results are up to date.
  • Yellow: The previously computed results are outdated and need to be refreshed.
  • Red: There was an error in computing the result.

Accessing the Analysis module

To access the Analysis Module, you have to:

  1. Click the button in the top ribbon.

Plotting data

You can plot any dataset in the Graph card. According to the dataset, different plot types are available, such as time, spectrum, waterfall, strip and sum level plots.

To plot a dataset, complete the next steps:

  1. Right-click on the dataset(s).
  2. Select Plot.
  3. Select the desired plot type.

You can create a personalized graphs layout and duplicate existing plots (instructions here).

You can synchronize X, Y and Z axes of some graphs on the same page (instructions here).

Chapter manager

You can group your result pages into chapters and organize them around with the chapter manager. You can open the chapter manager by clicking on . Here, you can create new chapters and pages, rename them and move them around by dragging and dropping.

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