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11 April 2022

This release of SOURCE is the last release in the 1.x series. It serves as a prequel or Beta to SOURCE v2.0 coming in May 2022. All feedback received on the features mentioned below will contribute to a further improved SOURCE v2.0.

Renewed 2D Graphing environment
The graphing experience in Analyze has been completely renewed. You now have the ability to manipulate pages, the layout of various axes in a customizable grid, and the information you wish to view. This comes with the ability to save pages and layouts in the SOURCE project file, such that these are restored when reloading a project. Some features in short:

  • SOURCE is capable of re-calculating analyses on demand, namely by asking for a refresh of loaded graph axes.
  • One can create a simple uniform grid layout by simple drag-drop of source and analyzed datasets using the added visual cues, or by dragging the existing graph panels around with the mouse.
  • Alternatively, one may adjust the grid rows and columns using a “layout mode”, such as changing the relative sizes or adding rows and columns for use in a later stage.

While this mechanism is all-new, you may need some practice to explore the capabilities. An instructional video will be put on the VIBES Academy.

3D Viewer for Operational Deflection Shape animation
An additional 3D Viewer card was added to the Operational Data module. This requires the “src-ods” license.

The 3D Viewer allows displaying Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS) of operational datasets. It shows nodes and line elements and can display geometries when loaded from a DIRAC file.

  • In order to get started, one first loads a DIRAC project to select and import the contained geometries, but also to create master channels containing accurate position and direction information.
  • Operational data needs to be mapped to these master channels in order to be used for ODS animation.
  • Dragging an operational dataset into the 3D Viewer will result in displaying the content. Nodes are shown for the active collection of channels, while line elements can be added by the user for clear visualization.

Controls for selection and navigation will be further improved towards SOURCE 2.0.

VP Transformation on direct blocked force measurements
This feature uses the new possibilities for managing Virtual Points, VP channels, and the option to mark imported channels as VP channels. The Direct Blocked Force analysis will now calculate a VP transformation on measured force channels if they are grouped to VPs and the associated VP channels are used in the analysis. For assistance in getting started with this feature, please reach out to support@vibestechnology.com.

Strip plots for order cuts
In addition to showing order cuts over time, RPM and frequency, one now also has the possibility of creating strip plots that show all channels along the vertical axis.

Other changes:

  • Project loading progress: when loading a SOURCE project, you will now be able to monitor the progress in a window and cancel when needed.
  • Improved Token control in the plot and axes legends: the control that shows tokens when hitting “{“ now shows previews of the token values and has an improved experience. You can now also set a default legend template in Preferences.
  • Edit list entry names on double-click F2: When working with datasets, the name is not automatically editable anymore. To edit, double-click with the mouse, press F2 or hit Enter.
  • General performance and stability fixes.

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