1.4 Preferences and units

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In the lower-left panel of the Home Screen it is possible to access the Preferences page. This allows you to set default values for the application, or just for the current project. Any project-specific settings are loaded and saved together with the project. If a value for a project is not set, the application setting is used.

Preferences are still a work in progress: expect new settings and fields in the next releases!

Unit convention

In the Preferences, you can choose a default unit system to be used across the application and/or project. You can also pick the desired time derivatives. When you import a dataset, COUPLE will convert these dataset units when plotting/exporting/calculating to the default unit system you have set in the Preferences. This also ensures that calculations are always using consistent units.

Default unit systems provided by COUPLE:

  • SI (m, rad, m/s2, N, Nm)
  • Metric (mm, deg, mm/s^2, N, Nmm)
  • Imperial (in, deg, g, lbf, lbf*ft)

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