2.1 SOURCE v1.7

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7 February 2023

Version 1.7 contains a variety of general stability, performance and useability improvements, specifically towards graphing.

Graph Axes Synchronization

Graphs can be synchronized, such that any changes made to e.g. an X-axis are propagated to other graphs. Synchronization is currently possible for the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis (color-axis) and/or plot options. Rules can be defined to act on selections of graph panels, so you can make groups of synced panels and properties.
Rules can be created automatically by clicking in the toolbar on the link icon and choosing Add Synchronization Rules Automatically. If you like to review or change those rules, you can click Manage Synchronization Rules… which brings you into a manager window.

More graphing features

  • Graphs can be duplicated by clicking the plus button right next to the close button.
  • All plots on a page can be reloaded in one go by clicking on the Load Page Content button on the toolbar.
  • While loading the graph page content, you will now see which analysis is getting executed to provide the right datasets.
  • When data cannot be loaded during the recreation of graphs, SOURCE will inform which dataset could not be found in a notification. Additional information is available by clicking the ? icon in the notification.
  • You can define the format for strip plot labels using tokens by right-clicking in the axes area and choosing Strip Label Format.
  • Sum level plots can also be shown against other tracking channels when available, such as RPM.

Other features and fixes

  • Automatic channel mapping has been improved to handle cases where both local and global directions are part of the channel name.
  • Reloading of sequences is improved for cases where segments cannot be found anymore.

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