5.1 Master channels

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Before doing any analysis, it is required to define some channel settings in the Channel Mapping card. The Channel Mapping card is accessible from both the Operational Data module and the FRF Data module. Only channels defined as Master Channels in the Channel Mapping card can be used for the analyses in the Analyze module.

You can create Master channels from:

  • Operational dataset channels.
  • FRF dataset channels.
  • Virtual Point channels.

We recommend setting the channels from the FRF data as Masters, for two reasons:

  • If the FRFs come from a DIRAC project, the channel types (e.g. indicator, target) can already be set ahead of time and imported directly into SOURCE;
  • For several analyses, the forces and moments from the FRFs need to be included as Master Channels, so it is convenient to just set all FRF channels (and reference channels) as the Master Channels.

Setting channels as masters

When importing a DIRAC project, in the data importer you can decide whether the channels should be automatically set as Masters. You can disregard this option and set master channels manually.

To manually set the master channels, you have to:

  1. Open the Channel Mapping card.
  2. Select the desired channels on the left side.
  3. Drag and drop them to the right side.

If this step is performed correctly, the channels will turn green. Numbers will also appear in the Mapped to column.

Setting channels as master channels

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