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15 December 2022

With the holidays coming up, the end of the year is for most of us a good time to look back and evaluate what the year has brought. is looking back on what has been the most successful year so far! 2022 brought growth in every aspect of the company; our team, client base and product portfolio.

This is the exact intro of our end of year item in 2018, only the date has been changed. We are happy that another year was so successful, for us, our partners and especially for our clients! Read more about the developments of 2022 and what’s ahead of us in 2023…. 

At the beginning of 2022, on 14 February to be exact, we organized Happy COUPLEs Day, in order to present our newest software product: COUPLE. What better day to celebrate COUPLE than the day that revolves entirely around forming couples! 
We invited our clients and other interested parties to participate in a demo or testing COUPLE, to show how easy it is to assemble, predict and optimize an NVH design in a modular workflow using substructuring. Here you can view the stopmotion video about COUPLE and here you can read more about the start of developing COUPLE.

Happy COUPLEs Day

The invitation card with COUPLEs Day chocolates

The VIBES.experience
Another big moment for VIBES this year, was the organization of the very first VIBES.experience, on Friday, 16 September 2022. It was an event full of inspiration & knowledge sharing in the field of NVH. VIBES’ partners, clients, employees andother interested parties came together tocreate good vibrations together! The reviews were sufficient to the extent that we will definitely organize another VIBES.experience!

One of the presentations at the VIBES.experience

One of the presentations at the VIBES.experience

Partnership with MÜLLER-BBM
On the same date as the VIBES.experience, we announced the big news that we strengthened our global partnership with MÜLLER-BBM, as Müller-BBM AG acquired a 40% share in! Read more about the partnership here. 

Changes in leadership
Another big topic for VIBES in 2022 is that the management has undergone two changes: First, Dr. Dennis de Klerk has joined the board of VIBES. Second, Maarten van der Kooij, Co-founder of VIBES, has taken on an advisory role instead of his former CEO role. We closed the official moment with festive cheers, according to a VIBES tradition, by sabering champagne!

Sabering the champagne by Dennis

Sabering the champagne by Dennis

From left to right: Peter Romanow (MÜLLER-BBM AG), Dennis de Klerk & Maarten van der Kooij

From left to right: Peter Romanow (MÜLLER-BBM AG), Dennis de Klerk & Maarten van der Kooij

Cases & clients
Regarding our projects in 2022, we like to emphasize the success story of VIBES & Hyundai Motor Company. In this article Ron has written more about it. Also, we teamed up with BMW for the validation of COUPLE. We performed component measurements on the BMW i4, the first fully electric Gran Coupé from BMW. Also, at Mercedes-Benz, we derived an OTPA method offering a “testbench to vehicle” capability. For more projects, please visit this page.
In order to keep a close tie to our customers, we formed a Customer Success Team in 2022. This helps us to understand our clients need even more, and to focus on the fit between our offer and those needs. Read more about this team here. 

Last but not least we must mention the good VIBES of the team that we shared this year. Not only did the team expand again this year, we also shared good VIBES with each other during a three-day trip to Germany. We are very happy that we have built such a great team! 

Sportive activity during the trip to Germany

Sportive activity during the trip to Germany 

Looking ahead: 2023 Our Promise
We envision that engineers can set up a modular NVH process, in which models based on tests can be combined with simulations. We want to enable all NVH engineers to solve critical NVH aspects in an early phase of product development. With the VIBES software product portfolio, reliable full-vehicle models and high-quality results can be obtained more efficiently. We want the software functionalities to allow engineers to work flexibly and intuitively, making the work more fun! We’re providing the right software to solve real engineering challenges!

With this vision, we’re focussing in 2023 on standardizing our methods, so that they can be used industry-wide.

Would you like to know more about how we plan to do this and how this may benefit your work? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to be a part of the good VIBES? Keep an eye on our vacancies in 2023!

As we started this article with a flashback to a previous news item, it only seems appropriate to also close this news item with the exact same end quote as the 2018 item: 

It goes without saying that we will do our utmost best to keep these good VIBES going in the new year!

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    The VIBES team

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