The VIBES Customer Success Team

14 December 2022

How frustrating is it to have a powerful software on your computer but use only 10% of its functionality? It is like having a Swiss army knife with 20 different tools and using only the knife because you have no clue what the other 19 tools are good for.

Well, this is something we don’t want to happen to you with the VIBES software. To help you to achieve your goals with our products, we have created our Customer Success Team!

Why do we have a team working on your success?

We at VIBES are passionate about dynamics. Our long-time research experience has convinced us that most of the challenges in the automotive industry can be overcome by technology. However, from our worldwide project collaborations, we know the problems that NVH engineers face every day: it is impossible to try out new technologies in MATLAB while one deadline is chasing the other in the modern vehicle development process. This is why we created software products that are easy to use, like DIRAC, SOURCE, and COUPLE.

But intuitive software isn’t enough in this environment. This is why we don’t stop after turning sales prospects into software users. We further want to turn users into experts of the methodology so that they can master all their engineering challenges. Thus, at VIBES we offer a holistic solution to help our customers succeed with our products and their own engineering challenges.

We know that every engineer’s success is at the heart of our business, as it allows to build strong long-term relationships. When our users master our products, they achieve their goals and become experts in the technology, giving us great feedback that we use to further improve our software – a true win-win situation. #fromengineersforengineers

The Homepage

The Homepage

The Academy story…

It all began one morning when Maarten van der Seijs came into the office even slightly more energetic than usual. He had an idea: “How cool would it be for our users if they could easily find explanations about the software features in a modern and easy-to-access online environment – like YouTube or Wikipedia? And beyond the software features, it would also explain all about the technology behind it. Like an academy for all our VIBES products!”

We loved the idea… and the name. A few days later, the project was up and running on full steam, and the first “How to” videos were published soon after.
Immediately, we and our customers were convinced about this modern, dynamic and always up-to-date platform, so they decided to shred the old printed PDF manuals and add the Academy to their favorite web pages. Now the Academy is our product behind the product. The product guides provide quick and easy step-by-step instructions for any feature. The workflow and example videos are great for getting started and learning how to master the key aspects of the software. The methodology offers additional theoretical background to dive into the details of the technology applied in DIRAC, SOURCE, or COUPLE.

Customer Success Manager Ron recording a video for the VIBES Academy

Ron recording a video for the VIBES Academy

More than just the Academy…

The customer success team is responsible for various activities, including in-depth training, seminars and demo projects. We do on-site training for intense knowledge transfer and to make our customers use our solution to the fullest. We organize seminars for in-depth technology discussions and do learning projects to focus on specific problems and to create processes. In addition, if you have questions or an issue, we are available to support you. Our goal is to answer your questions and give you a solution to have you up and running in the shortest time possible so you do not lose days of work.

Our partners Mikami-san and Nambu-san from Toyo Corporation, for instance, had a training about using DIRAC for mount characterization in November 2022. It was a very inspirational training, both for them and us!

Customer Success Engineer Eleonora training our partners of Toyo Corporation

Eleonora training our partners of Toyo Corporation

Who is this customer success team?

The two faces behind the Academy and the customer success team are Ron and Eleonora. They both have years of experience in VIBES and created the team about one year ago when it all started. Ron is in the Munich team, which is mainly formed by project engineers, and that is why he mainly focuses on the technology, demo projects and seminars. Eleonora is in the Delft office, surrounded by the software developers, so she is responsible for keeping the product guides up to date with the new releases and supporting customers through the support channels of VIBES. And together as a team, they are constantly brainstorming to understand how to take the customer experience to the next level. And to be as close as possible to the users and understand their needs, they also set up feedback meetings.

Ultimately, they love what they are doing and do their best to train the customers, make them happy and provide them with the best possible experience and support.

What about the future?

A lot of new online material, more content, more videos, more explanations and more feedback requests for you. So keep your eyes and ears (and inbox) open!

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