SOURCE & how it is used by engineers

16 October 2020

NVH software has been around for years and the most common used date back to the 80’s. A lot of new developments took place since though and trying to keep up with them has had its impact on today’s software usability, looks and bounded functionality.

Our roots date back to the early ‘00 where we ignited the development of Component based TPA, Blocked Force, Virtual Point Transformation and test based modeling for hybrid FEM simulation. Getting these advanced methods to industry is VIBES’ mission and “bridging test and simulation” requires a new mind set. Therefore, over the past 4 year, VIBES developed a fundamentally new, ground up, software platform. It is with proud that we introduce to you SOURCE, the embodiment of all modern TPA methods known and much, much more all fitted in a modern look and feel and outstanding user experience.

Apart from sophisticated (Component based) analysis you may configure SOURCE to compute a whole batch thereof in one go. Setup N vehicles with M operational conditions with several different TPA methods and have SOURCE take care of all the data handling and computations. Data can be used from the local device itself and / or in the Cloud for a future oriented way of working. Bulk data analysis in minutes rather than days.
Last but not least you’ll find our newly developed Stiffness Injection method in SOURCE. SI allows you to virtually simulate vehicle changes in your Component TPA analysis.

Combine SOURCE with our DIRAC software and lift your vehicle NVH engineering to new heights with huge time and cost savings.

Interested to find out more? Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell and show you more!

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