COUPLE v2.1 webinar – 12 June

21 May 2024

Version 2.1 of COUPLE is now out and we want to share what’s new with you!

On Wednesday, June 12th, we will organize a 30-minute webinar to show you all the new features and updates of this major release. We will hold the same webinar twice, at 8:30 AM (CET time) and 4:30 PM (CET time).

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Eric will guide you through an exploration of COUPLE v2.1. The new variation studies feature allows you to change the model of one or more components, links or loads and create multiple variations of your assembly. With this tool, you quickly and easily try many combinations of models and evaluate the effect on the assembly or predictions. You have the flexibility to create hybrid prototypes by importing simulation-based models as Punch files. You can optionally enrich the dataset by adding the model in BDF or ECD. COUPLE also allows you to specify a unit system: all datasets with different units will be converted to the desired one.

For better analysis of different variations and assemblies, we have slightly remodeled the Analysis module. Results are grouped by Assembly and can be pinned and filtered.

VIBES developed a standalone test-based modeling application to perform hybrid Dynamic Substructuring: COUPLE. Where SOURCE enables you to characterize vibrational sources and DIRAC to create high-quality test-based component models, COUPLE completes the workflow.

COUPLE allows you to assemble, predict and optimize your NVH design in a complete modular workflow. Especially when your models come from DIRAC and SOURCE, COUPLE offers you a modular NVH approach where you can easily combine test-based models with models from simulations. This way, late-phase troubleshooting is avoided, and fewer iterative design cycles are needed, saving time and resources. All in all, reliable full-vehicle models are available much earlier in your development process.  

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