VIBES.experience 2023

20 October 2023

Last week VIBES held its annual VIBES.experience which brought together a diverse group of customers and NVH professionals. This conference was a powerful opportunity for industry leaders from many different backgrounds, companies and sectors to convene, exchange insights, and address common challenges faced in NVH. Personally, it was energizing to see so many new, and familiar faces as I continue to build my NVH network.


The first day was kicked off with a powerful trip down NVH memory lane from keynote speaker Håvard Vold, an NVH legend. This really set the mood of the event as the theme of his talk centered around ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’. After this, multiple industry leaders (Stellantis, Hyundai Mobis, Bosch, and Nissan) discussed their latest and greatest in NVH. Many different topics were covered, from blocked forces, to dynamic substructuring which ensured everyone had something that caught their attention.

Dr. Håvard Vold

One of the common realisations amongst attendees was that each of them, hailing from many different sectors, all face similar challenges in NVH. Challenges are seldom shared as there are few forums for our different customers to discuss topics on this level.

As a VIBES product manager, what I found most compelling was the unanimous agreement among customers that our products address their core challenges. There were moments of pride hearing how the applications that we have built are extensively used to create cutting edge products around the world. Staying close to them and their workflows allows us to understand what is most important.

Damien Piranda from Stellantis presenting

At the end of day 1, VIBES announced a new patented technology for SOURCE, X-DoF. We have been working hard on this new technology and were very proud to show it to the world. We will be publishing more on this very soon.

Day 1 ended with a networking dinner and live band in a historic hotel bar in central Delft. There we were all able to let our hair down over a few drinks and connect over our shared passion as the engineering enthusiasts that we all are.

Networking and sharing insights

Day 2 consisted of presentations by Hyundai and a panel discussion involving members of the audience regarding the direction of NVH in electric vehicles. I found the insights from OEMs and suppliers enlightening and rather helpful for the development of new VIBES product features 😉.

Panel discussion with NVH experts

The afternoon ended with the opportunity for customers to view our products in action with stations for Shaker Testing, Modal Analysis and the redesigned COUPLE and another opportunity for people to ask questions and connect.

In conclusion, the VIBES.experience served as a powerful platform for the NVH industry to come together and acknowledge their shared challenges. It was a space for engineers and enthusiasts to share learnings and insights outside of an office. The consensus among customers that VIBES products effectively address these core challenges is a testament to the commitment and innovation of our team. As we look to the future, VIBES is more resolute than ever in its mission to empower engineers and help them excel in a rapidly evolving industry.

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