COUPLE webinar 26 October

21 September 2022

The first version of COUPLE is now out and we want to share its potential with you!

On Wednesday, October 26, we will organize a 30 minutes webinar to show you how easy it is to work in COUPLE and reveal all the great features we have implemented. We will hold the same webinar twice, at 9:30 AM (CET time) and 4:00 PM (CET time).


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In the webinar, Eric will show you how easy it is to build up the topology of your assembly in our unique Design Area. Do you want to study different variants? Then you just have to swap the models in the framework and hit “Compute”. In COUPLE, we support rigid and compliant coupling and substructures decoupling. Your results will be plotted in an intuitive and fully customizable graphing environment. You will also learn how you can create libraries containing all the models and share them within your organization. And of course, COUPLE does all the bookkeeping automatically for you (you do not have to worry about matching DoFs!).

VIBES developed a standalone test-based modeling application to perform hybrid Dynamic Substructuring: COUPLE. Where SOURCE enables you to characterize vibrational sources and DIRAC to create high-quality test-based component models, COUPLE completes the workflow.

COUPLE allows you to assemble, predict and optimize your NVH design in a complete modular workflow. Especially when your models come from DIRAC and SOURCE, COUPLE offers you a modular NVH approach where you can easily combine test-based models with models from simulations. This way, late-phase troubleshooting is avoided, and fewer iterative design cycles are needed, saving time and resources. All in all, reliable full-vehicle models are available much earlier in your development process.  

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