All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB V3!

16 August 2019

The new VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB offers more Dynamic Substructuring capabilities than you’ve ever had, making it the market’s go-to solution for modular sound & vibration engineering, dynamic substructuring and method development.

Some of the new possibilities include:

  • Component Mode Synthesis: import large FE models, create RBE2/3 interfaces and (a.o.) Hurty-Craig/Bampton reductions and build full CMS assemblies
  • Compliant FBS coupling with realistic mount stiffness data, characterized from FRF tests
  • Import of NVH measurement data from your data acquisition system using the generic ATFX reader
  • Strong integration with DIRAC for a very efficient process towards (blocked force) source characterization and experimental substructuring using virtual points

On top of that, the new VIBES Toolbox V3 comes with a fully renewed documentation center, comprising functional help as well as tutorials that demonstrate specific use cases. Find out about the changes and apply for a trial here.

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