The Why of SOURCE

09 July 2020

VIBES developed SOURCE, our newest software application for Blocked Force source characterization and component TPA. Read more about why we developed SOURCE…

Source characterization is at the heart of today’s NVH analyses. From direct force measurements on a test rig to free velocity measurements, there are often several configurations to consider within an individual project. The book-keeping associated with keeping the force and response information straight between the various configurations quickly becomes unmanageable using simple tools like MATLAB. And as more operational conditions are considered, the challenge of data management while maintaining an accurate solution only worsens.

Enter SOURCE. SOURCE enables the engineer to seamlessly import operational and FRF data from the various test cases and keep track of the compatibility of the datasets. All of your many operational test runs can now be analyzed with ease, using intuitive plotting options to help visualize the data. Listen to what it will sound like inside the vehicle when your source component (compressor, steering system, etc) is combined with the noise transfer functions of a completely different vehicle. Understand which of the paths between your source and receiver contributes most to that annoying buzzing sound. It’s all possible in SOURCE. And when combined with the VP technology in DIRAC, SOURCE works to provide you with not only blocked/interface forces but also the moments. By dealing with all the data management that could take days, SOURCE allows you to spend that extra time actually analyzing the data to gain engineering insights.

''SOURCE implements the entire TPA framework as a powerful and user-friendly application.'' – Maarten van der Seijs, CTO at

In case you want to know more about SOURCE, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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