The release of SOURCE

18 September 2020

Over the last two years, our company developed at a remarkable pace: the DIRAC software is being used by most of our clients, we opened a new office in Munich, we are now serving clients globally and most of all, we are releasing (again) a brand new, highly innovative software application: SOURCE. With SOURCE, we can characterize vibration sources and use this to predict interior noise, while making small adjustments or using multiple vehicle variants – all in a single, intuitive application.

A new way of working

The automotive industry is making one of the largest transformations in history, with major challenges as electrification, autonomous driving and a global crisis on top of it. New components, such as refrigerant compressors for battery cooling or new powertrain concepts, are challenging to work with – especially when travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions force a different way of working. Both automotive OEMs and their suppliers need to re-evaluate existing R&D processes in favor of agility and costs.

We propose, with our VIBES methodology, a combined approach using computer simulations and physical testing using our Virtual Point Transformation technique; building hybrid models which use best of both worlds. Source Characterization using Blocked Forces allows suppliers and OEMs to work together and predict interior noise without physically mounting all components into a full prototype, and new ISO standards ensure compability across the industry.

The blocked force source characterization method (as part of the component-TPA approach) allows suppliers to measure actively vibrating components in their own facilities, while OEMs can make full-vehicle NVH predictions using this data.

Covering every aspect of TPA

We have worked together with our clients for many years to implement all aspects new and existing TPA methods into our software. The development of SOURCE is no different, as we developed it in a partnership with Lightyear, a Dutch company developing a revolutionary long-range solar electric vehicle. With SOURCE, our product portfolio now covers all aspects to implement the VIBES methodology: DIRAC for Virtual Point transfer-path measurements, SOURCE for source characterization and interior noise predictions, and finally the Toolbox for MATLAB for advanced research purposes. On top of this, we offer custom consulting services to assist our clients in the implementation.

With SOURCE, we have a unique solution which covers every aspect of TPA. SOURCE features range from vibration source characterization all the way to noise predictions. Because we believe in an open ecosystem, SOURCE supports open data standards to ensure compatibility with existing ways of working.

“It’s exciting to see that our first SOURCE customers had a running start. Years of effort and research preceded this. As the CEO of VIBES, I’m proud of this journey and where it brought VIBES as a company.”

Ask for a SOURCE demo

We believe that SOURCE will become the new golden standard solution for TPA. It’s a powerful and user-friendly application, designed from a clear vision towards high-quality and traceable calculations. Ask for a demo, and you’ll be as enthusiastic as we are!

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