Meet our newest developer: Sander Pronk

06 December 2019

In november 2019, Sander joined our software development team as a Senior Software Engineer. He helps out with the development of DIRAC by contributing to the visual aspect as well as the usability of the software. We asked Sander some questions in order to introduce himself.

Who are you?

My name is Sander Pronk, 46 years old and father of 2 kids (2 and 5 years old). I live in nearby Delft together with my wife and kids. My hobbies include software development, motorcycling and tinkering with electronics. I have been a software engineer since 1996.

What do you do at VIBES?

I recently joined VIBES as a Senior Software Engineer. You can find me in the software development team. I help out with the development of DIRAC and possible other pieces of software in the future. With my input I hope to take care of the visual aspect as well as the usability of the software. Next to software development I also plan on using my experience with Scrum, testing and specifying requirements.

How did you find out about VIBES?

I met Maarten van der Kooij on LinkedIn and after a short talk it was clear to me that for me VIBES was a perfect match. I have a passion for technology and engineering, so working with the technology developed at VIBES suits me very well. And after working here for 6 weeks it is everything I hoped for!

What is your background and education?

My education path started at the MTS (microcontrollers and embedded software). Still hungry for more knowledge I decided to study at the HTS. After finishing the HTS I started my working career in embedded software and electronics. Two years later I started the MSc. course Computer Science (specialty Computer Graphics) in my evening hours at the TU Delft.

I worked for TNO as a Scientific Software Engineer, doing research to improve the safety of our soldiers and working at several EU-funded projects for counter terrorism software models. At TNO I could use my knowledge obtained from the TU-Delft Computer Graphics courses very well.
After that, I joined Baker Hughes, an oil service provider as software engineer. I worked on a subsurface modeling software, which is a very large and complex piece of software for modeling earth layers and well planning. Later on I was asked to become a Product Owner which gave me the functional leadership for a part of the software.

Six years later I decided that I missed my passion for software development so much that I wanted to be a software developer again… and here I am at VIBES!

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