Meet our new Project Engineer: Daniel Pfuhler

09 April 2021

Since the first of April 2021, Daniel joined the VIBES team as a Project Engineer R&D. Below he gives more information about himself and what he does at VIBES.

About me

Hey, I am Daniel Pfuhler. I am 28 years old, I was born in Eichstätt, which is about 20 minutes away from Ingolstadt. In my free time I like to go hiking and climbing as well as practicing Judo.

About my background and education

Back in 2019 I received my bachelor´s degree in mechanical engineering at TH Ingolstadt and proceeded there with my master´s degree. Since the internship semester of the bachelor`s degree I joined IPETRONIK Eichstätt GmbH, where I started specializing on acoustics and structural dynamics.

In my bachelor thesis I worked on rheometry for obtaining material models of rubber-like materials. After that I worked as a project engineer at IPETRONIK where I finally also did my master´s thesis in 2020. For the thesis I picked up the topic of rheometry and extended it in order to work out a validated simulation model for refrigerant hoses.

How did you get to VIBES?

During my work as a project engineer, I got to know VIBES by a measurement campaign in Baden-Baden. Through that campaign I started studying the concept of Blocked Forces by the PhD of Dennis de Klerk and Maarten van der Seijs, which immediately fascinated me. Finally, after I finished my master´s thesis I wanted to proceed working on this topic. In April 2021 I joined VIBES!

About my role at VIBES

I joined VIBES as a Project Engineer. Planning, executing and accompanying measurement campaigns with our customers using our software DIRAC and SOURCE will be my main role at VIBES.

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