Developing COUPLE: The first tests

08 February 2022

The first tests

In October 2021 we mentioned that we were rounding off the first version of COUPLE and that we could start testing and validating the application. In the beginning of 2022 the testing took place.

What we tested

With the first version of COUPLE, we can now combine component models in a substructured fashion in a dedicated software product. The big value of COUPLE is that it’s both great with test-based models and with models from simulation.
In order to test and validate the application, we performed component measurements on the BMW i4, the first fully electric Gran Coupé from BMW. Specifically, we modeled the vibrational characteristics of the 5th gen electric drive-train in the i4 through various configurations.

BMW i4 on the roller bench

Measurement of the BMW i4

The first results

Aside from being an excellent dataset in their own right, it also showcased COUPLE’s variable design possibilities and analysis tools. For all those interested in this, please contact us!

What’s next

With these first test results and the provided engineering feedback, VIBES will continue to improve COUPLE throughout the further Eurostars project. The official launch of COUPLE can be expected in the fall of 2022. Stay tuned for more insights on the development of COUPLE through our case page.

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