A new game plan for sound & vibration engineering

Nowadays, the demand of consumers and professionals drive the design complexity of cars, airplanes, ships and other mechanical equipment. An important aspect of product design is sound and vibration engineering. Because of its many technical challenges, this aspect is usually performed in the latest stage of product development. This leads to iterative design cycles, involving many physical prototypes, which can become costly and time consuming. In other words: product managers and engineers need a new game plan!

Methodology Topics

Virtual Point

A common interface to connect test-based models with FE models and create high-quality FRFs.

Transfer Path Analysis

With TPA, engineers evaluate the noise from various sources (e.g. road or engine noise), which propagates to the receiver (the driver or passengers) through various transfer paths.

Dynamic Substructuring

Simulate structural dynamics of complete products by coupling component models.

Source Characterization

Simulate component vibration levels in new products. Sources are characterized by equivalent (blocked) forces that are an intrinsic property of the active component.


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