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Introducing the VIBES Munich Team

01 October 2019

With lots of exciting projects and developments going on, VIBES has needed to expand both our team and our facilities to keep up with the growing interest in modular technologies for NVH. Last month, we opened a second office in Munich to better serve our local customers within the region. We’ve also hired a couple of bright, enthusiastic engineers to operate the Munich office. Michael Häußler, a recent PhD graduate from the Technical University of Munich, has setup the office, and will now serve customers with consulting and project work around modular NVH. No big change for him on the professional side, after his research project on Substructuring and component TPA.

Tom Müller (left) and Michael Häußler (right)

Tom Müller, having just completed his Master’s degree from TU Munich, will also be working in the German office as a project engineer, solving complex problems for our broad range of customers, with a special background in airborne sound characterization.

Prior to starting at VIBES, Michael and Tom worked on a challenging NVH project analyzing both the airborne and structure-borne transfer paths of an electric climate compressor, together with a leading German OEM. Within the project, they were able to apply modular modeling concepts to a vehicle development test case to better understand how noise was emitted from the compressor across a broad range of frequencies.

Perhaps more importantly, using the modular modeling concepts, they were able to predict the acoustic consequences of design changes, like changing the rubber bushing stiffnesses or wrapping the compressor in sound insulation material. This was possible without having to physically build the new designs, and they could create sound files and virtually listen to the design modifications and decide if they were any good or not.

This application truly exemplifies the vision of modular NVH design, which is a vision strongly shared with VIBES. At VIBES, we strive to push this set of new technologies forward, and to get them rolled out into industry with user-friendly software. So it has been a very natural fit to have Michael and Tom join the VIBES team, and continue to research and apply these cutting-edge technologies. We’re very excited to see what our new colleagues can contribute to VIBES and to the NVH industry.

Welcome Michael and Tom!

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