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IMAC and upcoming launch

28 January 2019

This year has started full speed for VIBES, with the upcoming release of our DIRAC software and the IMAC Conference.

At the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC) VIBES is represented by Maarten van der Seijs and Julie Harvie. First thing Monday morning (28 January – Dynamic Substructures Session), Maarten provides a tutorial and live demo on experimental dynamic substructuring. This tutorial will showcase the complex technologies that drive the need for the DIRAC software, so don’t miss it. The VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB, a valuable complement to the DIRAC software, will be used to illustrate concepts during the demo. Later this week, Maarten and Julie will also share the latest insights during presentations on transfer path analysis and substructuring. Check out the latest IMAC program for the exact location and timing.

The month of January was all about software development. We are currently finalizing the upcoming release of our new software DIRAC. DIRAC is the first software of its kind that enables engineers to build accurate test-based FRF models that are compatible with Finite Element simulations. DIRAC interfaces with the PAK MK-IIg2 hardware of Müller-BBM, therefore allowing for live feedback on the data quality while performing the measurement. We will release DIRAC mid-February.

DIRAC allows engineers to prepare, measure and analyze FRF measurements. Throughout the development of the software we put a lot of focus into each of these areas to ensure a seamless user experience. This month, we are doing a variety of beta tests to assess the entire measurement process in DIRAC. We have been using the software internally for some time now to run and analyze impact tests on a variety of structures. The effectiveness of our unique features, like advanced data quality checks or the ODS directly provide tremendous technical insights into the dynamical characteristics of the component that is being measured.

Do you want a sneak peek at what’s coming in the DIRAC release? Contact us or find us during the conference to set up a one-on-one tutorial.

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