All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB

11 May 2017

A new release of the VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB® is now available for download. First and foremost, update 1.1.2 comes with a major upgrade of the toolbox documentation, featuring a selection of step-by-step tutorials to quickly experience some of the core solutions of the toolbox, such as:

  • Graphical definition of an impact measurement with positioning of sensors and impact points on a 3D CAD model
  • Experimental modeling of a substructure from an impact hammer test using the Virtual Point Transformation
  • FE model import from ANSYS®, creation of a modal model, simulation of an impact measurement and FRF synthesis
  • Substructure assembly using the renewed possibilities for Dynamic Substructuring and LM-FBS
  • Source characterisation and response prediction using Blocked force TPA

Next to the tutorials, many functions are now documented with background information on the mathematics. Also, the core mathematics functions (such as matrixinverse and eig) are now included as M-files, such that one can access and ‘step in’ whenever necessary.

Do you want to experience the VIBES Toolbox first-hand? We are happy to provide you with a fully-functional 30-day trial version!

Get in contact with us here to request your demo licence.


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