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All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB V3!

  • By vibes
  • 16 August 2019
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All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB V3!

The new VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB offers more Dynamic Substructuring capabilities than you’ve ever had, making it the market’s go-to solution for modular sound & vibration engineering, dynamic substructuring and method development.

Some of the new possibilities include:

  • Component Mode Synthesis: import large FE models, create RBE2/3 interfaces and (a.o.) Hurty-Craig/Bampton reductions and build full CMS assemblies
  • Compliant FBS coupling with realistic mount stiffness data, characterised from FRF tests
  • Import of NVH measurement data from your data acquisition system using the generic ATFX reader
  • Strong integration with DIRAC for a very efficient process towards (blocked force) source characterisation and experimental substructuring using virtual points

On top of that, the new VIBES Toolbox V3 comes with a fully renewed documentation center, comprising functional help as well as tutorials that demonstrate specific use cases. Find out about the changes and apply for a trial here.


Example of Component Mode Synthesis with reduced models in the new VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB.

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