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DIRAC launch

  • By vibes
  • 20 February 2019
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Release of software solution DIRAC partners with Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH for the release of software solution DIRAC.

DIRAC is an innovative software solution for test-based sound & vibration measuring. It is the first software of its kind to have Virtual Point methodology that allows engineers to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs. DIRAC ensures traceability of results and indicates the quality of the measurement. The partnership with Müller-BBM VAS, and the interface with the PAK MKII G2 hardware, ensures that all this technology is available in real-time.

DELFT, The Netherlands – February 20, 2019

“The vision of is to bring promising, innovative methods for sound & vibration testing and simulation to the industry. Our ultimate goal is to significantly decrease the engineering time and effort required in sound & vibration design of vehicles – thus reducing overall development costs and time-to-market”, said Maarten van der Kooij, Head of Product Development.

In the automotive industry, full vehicle sound & vibration testing is performed only in the latest stage of product development. Results are then compared with target levels and computer simulations one at the start of the product development. This leads to iterative design cycles involving many physical prototypes, a costly and time consuming process. Combine this with industry requirements to reduce engineering cycle times while expanding the amount of vehicle models and it becomes clear that
product managers and engineers need a new game plan. That’s why developed DIRAC: a breakthrough application for test-based modeling.

“Even though DIRAC is remarkable on all fronts, truly outstanding are the intuitive way of guiding engineers during the measurement and the integration of the Virtual Point methodology. With the live quality indicators available in DIRAC, measurements will be done first-time-right”, said Maarten van der Kooij.

The measurement flexibility DIRAC offers is unique. With DIRAC, the engineer can adjust all possible measurement settings even after testing. The Virtual Point transformation allows engineers to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs, making reliable full-vehicle models available earlier in the development process. Overall, DIRAC helps to avoid the final-phase troubleshooting (which can postpone vehicle production) and reduces the number of prototype variants needed, as the Virtual Points allow e.g. to couple the prototype bodywork to any number of drive-line concepts – thus saving valuable time and resources.

“We are proud to work together with – the leading provider of “Dynamic Substructuring” and “component Transfer Path Analysis” topics. is an innovative company committed to improving methods and processes in automotive NVH”, said Andreas Ansorge, CEO Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH.

The partnership with Müller-BBM VAS, and the interface with the PAK MKII G2 hardware, ensures that all this technology is available in real-time. With DIRAC we developed a solution which empowers our goal to reduce engineering time and effort, by providing the industry with cutting-edge technology and a new game plan called DIRAC!

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