Our new Product UX/UI Designer: meet Nhi Le

11 March 2022

Since March this year (2022), Nhi Le joined the VIBES team as the first in-house Product UX/UI Designer. Below she gives more information about herself and her role at VIBES. 

About me

Hello, I am Nhi. I am excited to join the team as the first UX/UI Designer!  I just moved from Italy, where I completed my master’s degree, to Delft in the Netherlands, for starting my new job. I quickly adapt to a new environment that bring me a lot of positive VIBES. Creativity is a key element in my life, so this role at VIBES fits me perfectly!  

About my background and education

I completed 4 years of the bachelor’s degree in Industrial design at Ho Chi Minh University of Architecture (Vietnam). I obtained knowledge of design principles in user research, product development and technical-related details of product manufacturing.  

After that, I moved to Italy for my Master of Science in Product and Service design at Sapienza University of Rome. In there, I accomplished my skills in design research for user insight and systemic design (UX/UI) through many projects.

I gained a year of internship experiences within marketing, engineering and information technology companies and have been responsible for market research and visual design.

About my role at VIBES

At VIBES, I am part of the Software Development team. From UX/UI perspective, I expect to add value to VIBES’ products by generating an insight of user analysis leading to UI optimization.  

On behalf of the team: welcome Nhi!

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