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Frequency Based Substructuring Applied to Electric Drivetrains

Frequency Based Substructuring Applied to Electric Drivetrains Virtually optimizing and selecting the best components to reduce NVH issues can be done with test-data using Frequency Based Substructuring (FBS). After the success obtained in the Eurostar program, VIBES is working towards the creation of a software to implement this method. But what is FBS and what [...]

Electric Compressor Source Characterization

Electric compressor Source Characterization Together with a key player in the automotive industry, we have worked on an exciting project, concerned with source characterization using blocked forces. In this article, the successful application of source characterization to an electric air cooling compressor (ELAC) is shown. We took two approaches to compute blocked forces and demonstrate [...]

Characterisation of an Electromagnetic Roll Control with Blocked Forces

Electric Roll Control Source Characterization Blocked Forces have made a big upswing as source characterisation method in the past few years. OEMs are pushing this method through in component specifications and as a result, suppliers are answering to this trend by obtaining this competence and implementing this in their respective workflows. High quality blocked forces [...]

NVH trends & practical tips in Corona times

Insights NVH trends & practical tips in Corona times About a year ago, we wrote about the trends in the automotive industry and their impact on NVH. As cliché as it is, the COVID-19 outbreak brings some drastic changes to our earlier view. It’s extremely relevant nevertheless, to review the potential impact this has on [...]

Maximize your NVH measurement quality (using DIRAC)

Maximize your NVH measurement quality Current NVH measurement processes have been around since decades and do not leverage the possibilities that general advances in technology have to offer. There must be another way, right? In this article we look into regularly used measurements, the facets of those processes that could be improved, and the new [...]

Frequency Based Substructuring of an E-Golf

Frequency Based Substructuring of an E-Golf 2019 was a year filled with exciting techological projects, collaborating with several key players in the automotive industry. Most projects included aspects such as blocked force source characterisation and Frequency Based Substructuring with test-based models. The use of DIRAC and the VIBES Toolbox made all the difference, both in [...]

Case study E-compressor – DIRAC

Predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models Using the blocked force approach an overseas OEM was able to predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models and reduce interior noise by ~15 dB. Our DIRAC software was used to prepare, measure and analyze the FRF measurements. While performing the [...]

Case study steering gear – DIRAC

Predict in-vehicle E-Power Steering sound & vibration performance Using DIRAC’s Virtual Point Transformation, OEMs can now predict in-vehicle Electric Power Steering sound & vibration performance based on supplier data and vehicle noise transfer functions. The project For a German automotive OEM, VIBES engaged in a project analyzing the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system as a [...]

Automotive NVH trends

Automotive NVH trends and its subsequent challenges One of the most prominent trends in the automotive industry is electrification. By phasing out the internal combustion engine, our driving experience is changing. Noise and vibrations are no longer masked by this traditional driveline, which gives rise to new challenges in the field of noise & vibration [...]

Behind the scenes of Transfer path analysis

Behind the scenes of Transfer path analysis VIBES’ development of component-based TPA methodologies in order to win in highly innovative and competitive markets. Automotive OEMs and high-tech companies, such as BMW, Volvo and ASML, are continuously improving their R&D methods to increase product quality while reducing time and costs of both engineering and production processes. [...]

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  • 19 November 2018
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