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Lightyears of innovation

Lightyears of innovation What happens when you combine a company developing revolutionary electric vehicles with a company that’s moving to revolutionize the world of NVH testing and analysis? You get the partnership of Lightyear and VIBES. This collaboration, enabled by support from the RVO / Provincie Zuid-Holland, helps Lightyear to develop vehicles with optimal NVH [...]

Sound & vibration engineering process for the Lightyear One

Lightyear and VIBES join forces Sound & vibration engineering process for the Lightyear One  Dutch companies Lightyear and will work together on the sound & vibration engineering of Lightyear One. Lightyear One is an innovative solar car with a focus on range and efficiency. The goal of this engineering development is to make Lightyear [...]

IMAC Conference 2020

VIBES around the world IMAC Conference 2020 Last week, vibration analysts and test engineers from around the world gathered in Houston for the 38th edition of the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC). This year VIBES’ Maarten van der Seijs and Julie Harvie, IMAC veterans, attended the conference to share their research on source characterization and [...]

Frequency Based Substructuring of an E-Golf

Frequency Based Substructuring of an E-Golf 2019 was a year filled with exciting techological projects, collaborating with several key players in the automotive industry. Most projects included aspects such as blocked force source characterisation and Frequency Based Substructuring with test-based models. The use of DIRAC and the VIBES Toolbox made all the difference, both in [...]

Case study E-compressor – DIRAC

Predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models Using the blocked force approach an overseas OEM was able to predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models and reduce interior noise by ~15 dB. Our DIRAC software was used to prepare, measure and analyze the FRF measurements. While performing the [...]

Case study steering gear – DIRAC

Predict in-vehicle E-Power Steering sound & vibration performance Using DIRAC’s Virtual Point Transformation, OEMs can now predict in-vehicle Electric Power Steering sound & vibration performance based on supplier data and vehicle noise transfer functions. The project For a German automotive OEM, VIBES engaged in a project analyzing the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system as a [...]

New technology and software for blocked forces 

New technology and software for blocked forces is actively informing the NVH world, at various renowned conferences, on source characterization, TPA and applications to measure blocked forces and FRFs. This article gives an insight in the latest presentations and papers and gives a sneak-preview of our newest software application: SOURCE. Blocked Forces and source [...]

A new alliance for innovation

A new alliance for innovation Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme partners with to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs Press Release 2019-02-22 Munich, Germany and Delft, Netherlands Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme and are proud to announce their partnership to push new engineering technology to the market – Experimental Dynamic Substructuring. This brings together two leading companies in […]

DIRAC launch

Release of software solution DIRAC partners with Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH for the release of software solution DIRAC. DIRAC is an innovative software solution for test-based sound & vibration measuring. It is the first software of its kind to have Virtual Point methodology that allows engineers to couple measured FRFs with simulated FRFs. DIRAC […]

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