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Introducing the VIBES Munich Team

Introducing the VIBES Munich Team With lots of exciting projects and developments going on, VIBES has needed to expand both our team and our facilities to keep up with the growing interest in modular technologies for NVH. Last month, we opened a second office in Munich to better serve our local customers within the region. [...]

VIBES office in Munich

VIBES office in Munich   VIBES is expanding! To better serve our customers and be present in the heart of the German automotive industry, we have opened a new office in Munich. From the Tech Centre Gate Garchinger our engineering & sales team will be the point of contact for our existing German and Austrian […]

All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB V3!

All-new release of VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB V3! The new VIBES Toolbox for MATLAB offers more Dynamic Substructuring capabilities than you’ve ever had, making it the market’s go-to solution for modular sound & vibration engineering, dynamic substructuring and method development. Some of the new possibilities include: Component Mode Synthesis: import large FE models, create RBE2/3 […]

Case study E-compressor – DIRAC

Predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models Using the blocked force approach an overseas OEM was able to predict the NVH performance by combining test data and FE models and reduce interior noise by ~15 dB. Our DIRAC software was used to prepare, measure and analyze the FRF measurements. While performing the [...]

Case study steering gear – DIRAC

Predict in-vehicle E-Power Steering sound & vibration performance Using DIRAC’s Virtual Point Transformation, OEMs can now predict in-vehicle Electric Power Steering sound & vibration performance based on supplier data and vehicle noise transfer functions. The project For a German automotive OEM, VIBES engaged in a project analyzing the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system as a [...]

New technology and software for blocked forces 

New technology and software for blocked forces VIBES.technology is actively informing the NVH world, at various renowned conferences, on source characterization, TPA and applications to measure blocked forces and FRFs. This article gives an insight in the latest presentations and papers and gives a sneak-preview of our newest software application: SOURCE. Blocked Forces and source [...]

Technical Seminar

Technical Seminar: Dynamic Substructuring & Blocked-Force TPA A technology introduction and industrial application Faster NVH engineering, preventing design iterations and building better products: That’s what this joint seminar is all about! VIBES.technology and Müller-BBM are pleased to invite you to the technical seminar "Dynamic Substructuring & Blocked Force TPA" which will take place on 19 September 2019 at CRITT [...]

Automotive NVH trends

Automotive NVH trends and its subsequent challenges One of the most prominent trends in the automotive industry is electrification. By phasing out the internal combustion engine, our driving experience is changing. Noise and vibrations are no longer masked by this traditional driveline, which gives rise to new challenges in the field of noise & vibration [...]

Success story

Success story A project for IPETRONIK VIBES has partnered with IPETRONIK for the development of an innovative source characterization process for refrigerant compressors. HVAC acoustics are becoming more important in the light of new e-powertrain generations, resulting in lower (masking) background noise levels. With this new source characterization process, OEM customers will have a more accurate [...]

New Tech Program – Special offer

New Tech Program Special offer: discover the benefits of a modular NVH approach for your application with DIRAC! DIRAC is a crucial extension to your current way-of-working. DIRAC enhances the process and quality of FRF measurements while reducing overall time spent in the lab, preparing and post-processing. We now offer introduction packages at a reduced [...]

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