2.3 Test Assemblies

Using the Test Assembly field that can be found in the operational and FRF data entries, you can calculate Blocked Forces on one test assembly and use them for TPA synthesis in multiple target assemblies.

This tool is useful, for example, if you have performed operational and FRF testing on a component on a test bench and you want to use these data to calculate Blocked Forces that are then applied to multiple receivers, such as different vehicles. To do so, it is necessary to “tell” SOURCE which operational and FRF datasets need to be used to do the matrix inversion. To do it correctly, you have to:

  • Mark the operational data of the test bench assembly with a code, for example, TA-1 in the Test Assembly field.
  • Mark the corresponding FRF dataset of the test bench assembly with the same code in the Test Assembly field.
  • Any other FRF that is selected in Analyze will only be used for TPA synthesis. This allows predicting responses in multiple target assemblies.

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