2.3 SOURCE v1.4

SOURCE version 1.4.1

17 October 2021


  • When loading a project, SOURCE checks for differences between the source data files and those defined in the project. If any files have been changed, a window is shown where one can select the new dataset and verify its size.
  • The speed of calculation and use of memory has been improved.
  • A bug was fixed where the FRF Data graphs card did not show phase and coherence anymore.


SOURCE version 1.4

4 October 2021

SOURCE version 1.4 adds the possibility to perform order-based Blocked Force and TPA analyses from pre-computed Order spectra.

Handling of Order Spectra in TPA analyses
SOURCE now accepts order spectra from ATFX files and allows to use these in any analysis. Such Order Blocks datasets are complex-valued spectra expressed against an order axis rather than a frequency axis. In conjunction with the RPM channel, the order axis gives access to the instantaneous frequencies for a given speed. When used in an analysis with an FRF matrix, SOURCE interpolates the FRF matrices to match the order frequencies of the operational dataset. This way, you can easily create order blocked forces as well as order TPA syntheses, which can be plotted in Analyze or exported to ATFX for further analysis.

Upgrades to the VIBES License Manager
Several issues have been addressed to improve the useability and stability.

  • The connection to a Cloud Licensing Server (CLS) will now work correctly on the first start when working behind a proxy server.
  • An issue was resolved where borrowed licenses may disappear for a certain amount of days.
  • When using different CLS servers for different products, the License Manager now correctly shows the one you are currently connected to. It also prohibits returning licenses to the wrong CLS server.
  • More user feedback has been added to inform on any connection errors.
  • A yellow or red color now highlights soon-to-expire licenses.

SOURCE manual to online VIBES Academy page
The manual is now replaced by a link to the new online VIBES Academy page.

Other changes

  • Segments and sequences have better automatic naming and are placed directly under their associated dataset(s).
  • ATFX import: channels expressed in non-SI units, e.g. km/h, are now scaled accordingly.
  • Audio playback: it is now possible to select the channel to playback in the toolbar.
  • The Auralization license (src-aur) is now needed to compute time domain conversions and export to WAV.
  • Many minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

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