4.2 Setting the plot style and spectrum options

To change the plot style, right click on the curve in the plot. Here it is possible to change the line color, thickness, and style. For spectral plots, one can expand to also set the spectrum type (e.g. Magnitude, Coherence, Real, Imaginary, Phase, Sum and Octave). These options are shown in the left side of the figure.

The spectrum options (e.g. Amplitude type, Density, Weighting, Smoothing) can also be set by clicking the axis options title in the upper-left corner of the plot to open a context menu, as shown in the right side of the figure. The selected spectrum options will be displayed in the upper-left corner of the plot, such that they are visible in any plot exports.

Setting of the spectrum options: (left) general and (right) in the Analyze module

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